Daniel Brici’s art is very much influenced by people who struggle with everyday life matters. Several Romanian social components are harsh and tense and he decides to tackle some: children from socially difficult and vulnerable communities are neglected by the society and thus become ”invisible”. Therefore, through his artworks, Brici tries to give them if not a voice, at least a face. Starting with 2009, Brici dedicates most of his artworks to the ”invisible kids”, from the countryside, from the suburbs, living among them and aiming to get a proper attention for them. Daniel Brici is an emerging young artist, born in 1987, living and working in Resita, Romania. He had been exhibited in shows in Romania, Holland, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark. In 2012 he was nominated at V Premio Internacional De Artes Plasticas Fundacion Maria Jose Jove Bienal, A Coruna, Spain. He is featured in Snapshot Romania, Contemporary Artists from Romania, Imago Mundi – Luciano B

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