Beginning November 20, 2015, the British artist Heather Phillipson will present her first solo show in Germany — an installation for the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt’s Rotunda. “EAT HERE”, her largescale multimedia work, addresses the heart — as motif, metaphor and, above all, as biological imperative. Composed of suspended objects, printed images, pervasive audio and a dual-screen video, “EAT HERE” takes over the entirety of the Rotunda — coating its floor in spongy carpet, obstructing access across the space with an enormous, rotating styrofoam foot, and installing elevated observation platforms from which to view Phillipson’s video “COMMISERATIONS!” (2015, 15 min) projected in an endless loop. It is an enquiry into the physiological heart and its clichéd, symbolic representations. Supplemented by dangling drawings of spermatozoa, lightning and eyeballs,

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