The RAF Museum announced the transfer of Bristol Sycamore HR.14 XL824 to the Bristol Aerospace Centre The Bristol Sycamore was the first British-designed helicopter to serve with the Royal Air Force. Produced by the Bristol Aeroplane Company, it was employed on search and rescue and anti-submarine warfare duties. The Sycamore entered service with 275 Squadron of the RAF in April 1953, and went on to serve with nine squadrons in total. It was used during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960) for deploying Army foot patrols into the jungle. The type was used by the Royal Air Force Central Flying School for pilot training. This particular example served with No. 284 Squadron in Cyprus during the late 1950’s before returning to the UK in the mid 1960’s. Following a brief stint at the Central Flying School, it was allocated to the RAF Museum in the late 1960’s. It was then

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