An inlaid bronze plum blossom koro (incense burner) and cover by the Japanese metalworker, Shoami Katsuyoshi (1832-1908), will be auctioned in the Fine Japanese Art sale at Bonhams New Bond Street on 14 May. The koro, which dates from 1889, during the Meiji Period in Japan, is estimated at £75,000-80,000. The globular body of the koro is modelled as a five-petalled plum blossom, and is raised on three short integral feet. The front and reverse are decorated with clusters of pine, worked in shakudo takazogan, and the details around the top edges of the foliage are meticulously applied in gold to represent fallen snow. The shibuichi cover is pierced with overlapping branches of bamboo and leaves shown in various stages of decay. The base is signed with the gold seal, Katsuyoshi, and the inside of the lid is dated Meiji niju-ni nen aki kugatsu: ‘Autumn, in the ninth month of Meiji

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