Blum & Poe announces the gallery’s first-time solo exhibition with artist A.L. Steiner. Between the interlude of state-sanctioned exploitation and violence, the Amerikkkin project of mass incarceration and slavery, the uncertain future of California’s viability, and planetary implosion, A.L. Steiner presents an overview of her photo archive from 1995-2015 at Blum & Poe. Come & Go features a relaxing space for the lost art of print viewing, complete with a revolving cast of subversives and interlocutors. The gallery serves as an all-access pass to integrate the acts of looking, seeing, understanding, and listening while the time-space continuum is placed on hold / pause / play / fast-forward / rewind. A.L. Steiner (b. 1967 in Miami, Florida) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Recent solo exhibitions include Community Action

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