Depicted by movie-makers as mean, green, man-eating lizards covered in scales, velociraptors probably looked more like large, toothy turkeys, a study said Thursday. Close study of a newly-discovered cousin dubbed Zhenyuanlong suni, has revealed that velociraptors likely had large wings and feathery coats, according to research published in the journal Scientific Reports. ‘The real velociraptor was not a green, scaly monster like in Jurassic Park,’ study co-author Steve Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh told AFP. ‘The real velociraptor looked like Zhenyuanlong: a fluffy feathered killer.’ Brusatte and a team made a fossil reconstruction of Zhenyuanlong, one of the velociraptor’s closest relatives, which lived in China’s northeastern Liaoning province some 125 million years ago. It is the largest dinosaur with wings discovered to date. Zhenyuanlong was about two metres (6.6 feet) long from snout to tail, weighed about 20 kilos (44

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