A long-time patron at a New York steak house chalked up a surprising addition to his final tab: $100,000, given to his favorite waitress and her niece. Maureen Donohue-Peters, 53, got a call from a lawyer after Asian art collector Robert Ellsworth passed away, informing that her ‘something’ had been left to her in his will. ‘I said ‘Oh my God!’. I did not expect anything. He’s a very generous man, he’s always been good to everybody,’ Donohue-Peters said about Ellsworth, a patron at Donohue’s Steak House for more than half a century. Ellsworth left $100,000 to be split between Donohue-Peters and her 28-year-old niece Maureen Barrie. Donohue’s is an institution in Manhattan’s affluent Upper East Side. Its darkened dining room, wood-paneled walls and red tablecloths hearken

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