21c Museum Hotel announces the unveiling of a new 21c-comissioned artwork entitled Making Change. Created by artist Monica Mahoney, this Fleetwood Cadillac limousine art car draws inspiration from Walmart’s roots in Bentonville, Arkansas. Covered with thousands of nickels, dimes and pennies that have been bent, cut and reworked to form to the vehicle’s shape, the original car was built in 1962, the same year that Walmart was founded in the city. The art car will be available for guest use during stays at 21c Bentonville. “Making Change demonstrates how artists are inspired by the communities that are home to 21c. We are proud to support the creation of art that references both local history and our rapidly changing world,” states Alice Gray Stites, VP, Museum Director for 21c Museum Hotels. “Following the introduction of Monica’s first art cars at 21c Louisville, Blind Spot and

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