They have come from all over Europe, an army of people who have given up their day jobs to fight the Battle of Waterloo once more, two centuries after the original. The nearly 6,000 history enthusiasts taking part in a giant re-enactment of the clash on June 18, 1815, have been camping for days in the fields of Belgium to make the experience seem even more real. The tiniest historical details are all respected, from the gilt-lined uniforms and plumed hats to the marching formations and even the food. Needless to say there is also a smartphone ban. ‘I am a notary assistant in civil life and I love history. Here in the bivouac, I am ‘Corporal La Gaule’, Grenadier Corporal of the 8th line of the infantry regiment,’ says Romain Vadam, from Lille, northern France. The re-enactors playing Napoleon’s army have come from France, Italy, Russia and elsewhere across the

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