Foam is presenting The Nine and The Ninety Nine, an exhibition of the American photographer Katy Grannan (1969, USA), comprising her two newest series which are shown here for the first time outside the United States. Grannan is renowned for her remarkable and intimate portraits of strangers, most of whom are somehow living on the fringes of society. The titles of the series refer to (former) highways in the U.S. state California, U.S. route 9 and U.S. route 99, along which she met the individuals. The exhibition includes the exclusive sneak preview of Grannan’s first feature film The Nine, to be released in 2016. The Nine and The Ninety Nine feature work made as Grannan looked closely at this region and its inhabitants, both of which remain overlooked and undervalued. Yet the photographs insist upon their undeniable presence, a distinctive beauty and a unique landscape. Shown here for the first

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