Günther Förg was in his early mid-fifties when, in 2006 and 2007, he painted a small series of large-format, untitled works that can be said to be part of his so-called Grid Paintings (Gitterbilder) in the wider sense. Like other artists before him, Förg had gone through various creative phases in which he had produced expansive cycles of hundreds of conceptually related works. These cycles partly overlap, which complicates the task of categorising his work into clearly distinct time periods, but doesn’t much get in the way of attributing individual works to their overarching reference systems. Förg’s first Lead Painting, for instance, is generally dated to 1984, although the artist is documented to have begun creating colour divisions on the dense surface of the lead with monochrome acrylic paint as soon as 1976, when he was still living in Munich. Förg made Lead Paintings well

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