Allyson McIntyre has been pronounced winner of HIX Award 2015. She applied whilst in the final year of her MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. Set up in 2013 by Restauranteur Mark HIX and Gallery Director Rebecca Lidert, the HIX Award is designed to give aspiring artists a platform to showcase their work in their first step toward life beyond university. Hundreds of applicants applied from all over the UK, with some submitting entries from further afield. Whittled down to just 19 finalists, almost every one of the 22 judges awarded Allyson with full marks. This year’s applicants have been of the highest caliber yet. Each finalist representing a different style and point of view. To choose a winner the judges dined in the gallery discussing, debating and pulling apart each piece whilst enjoying a delicious Tramshed lunch. The judges comprised of heroes of the art world,

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