Off Kilter: An Age of Oil, Dadiani Fine Art’s fifth exhibition, is a group show comprised of abstract, conceptual, figurative, surreal and symbolist paintings. Pinkietessa, 2012, by David Courts, depicts the London performance artist Pinkietessa™ as a Marie Antoinette-like figure attired in a plunging purple gown, her hands bedecked with jewels and her head shrouded in a veil draped over a golden crown. With her varnished nails placed coquettishly to her lips, her pose brings to mind not so much a Queen but the girls that appear in The Sun newspaper, and the viewer is left to question if they are observing a post-modern riff on the cult of the celebrity or a satire on the notion of glamour. Meanwhile, Kelly Anne Davitt’s two canvasses resemble saucy seaside postcards. One of these, Melons, 2015, shows a smiling model grasping two of the eponymous fruits to cover her breasts. It

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