Sonce Alexander Gallery presents A Sky with Edges featuring the works of Rema Ghuloum. Rema Ghuloum extracts evocative response from her surroundings, referencing subjective impulses or objects in her studio. Her eccentric brushstrokes lead the viewer into a journey of subtle colors and fascinating boundaries. A Sky with Edges features her most recent work, paintings and sculptures that explore spatial density with various textures and elevated softness. Pieces for Days (2015), with its vibrant colors and blending edges, suggests an expansive landscape permeated with personal nostalgia and memory. The thinly layered surface allows the viewer to be absorbed within a world of transformation: a space alternating between abstraction and representation. Ghuloum openly experiments with Giorgio Morandi’s process and Édouard Vuillard’s spatial concerns. Her most recent work questions the concepts of form and space an

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