How did European diplomacy work around the time of the French Revolution? In a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund, historian Claus Oberhauser is investigating the strategies and techniques deployed at the time based on the papers of Maurus (Alexander) Horn, a diplomat, secret agent, librarian and monk. A British secret agent in a monk’s habit? ‘Maurus Alexander Horn or, to use his cover name, Mister Bergström could be described as a predecessor of James Bond’, says Claus Oberhauser from the University of Innsbruck. Horn (1762–1820) adopted a number of roles as a monk, diplomat, secret agent and manuscript trader. The FWF project is currently researching all of Maurus (Alexander) Horn’s identities. The aim is to explain the role he played in the power networks of the period and the amount of leeway he enjoyed in diplomatic-political negotiation processes. The research

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