Water and nature occupy a very important place in Eric Maillet’s works. Water is captured in many forms; snow, ice, bubbles… Maillet’s images reduce nature to its simplest element allowing one to contemplate its unexpected aesthetic. The female body also holds an important place through his work and finds a harmony in the artist’s nature-focused universe. Maillet’s work has always taken into consideration that an open book or magazine invites the reader to look at two images simultaneously and this book presents his work in this way. Maillet chose the paradoxical words ‘Silent’ and ‘Conversations’ to reflect the relationship between his images used to create diptychs. He wanted to underline the exchange between each image and indicate that it is in the middle that things happen, causing us to ask ourselves questions. The photos are silent yet they tie together a long personal

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More than a thousand Russians rallied in Saint Petersburg on Sunday after a century-old bas relief of a mythical demon was destroyed amid fears of increasing religious intolerance under President Vladimir Putin. Last week, the figure of Mephistopheles was ripped down from the facade of a century-old building in Saint Petersburg. An obscure group calling itself the Cossacks of Saint Petersburg claimed responsibility. The seemingly religiously-motivated act of vandalism caused an outcry in the former imperial capital and police launched a probe. The figure of a bat-winged creature on Lakhtinskaya Street dated back to around 1910. By some accounts, the bas relief paid homage to legendary Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin famed for his role of Mephistopheles.

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Hongkong Land collaborates with the Bandung Geology Museum of Indonesia to present major upcoming exhibition Parallel Worlds: Where Art & Archaeology Collide, reconciling the realms of science and the arts. It’s staged at The Rotunda, Exchange Square in Central from 1st to 18th September 2015. The exhibition brings large-scale fossil reproductions, as well as contemporary photography and sculptures by Indonesian artists Kinez Riza and Rudi Hartono under a singular platform, and is premised on an interweaving narrative of the past and present, offering a lens into the evolution of humanity. Parallel Worlds assembles 21 exhibits covering a number of geologic periods, and through a careful curation of contemporary artworks and a natural history collection communicates the inter-connectedness between two seemingly diverse disciplines. One of the key

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Ukrainians are snapping up the autobiography of film director Oleg Sentsov, who was last week sentenced by Russia to 20 years in prison in a shock ruling that sparked global condemnation. All 2,000 copies of the book titled ‘Stories’ flew off the shelves the day after Russia announced the verdict, and an additional print run is in the pipeline. Russia last week convicted the 39-year-old Sentsov, who opposed the Crimean annexation, of terrorism charges. His countrymen are buying the collection of autobiographical stories in a poignant gesture of solidarity. Half the proceeds from the book, which costs 50 hryvnias ($2.3) per copy, will be used to help pay for Sentsov’s defence team and support his wife and two children. ‘We still don’t have time to process all the orders’, Igor Skryl, a sales manager at the only Ukrainian store that sells the book, told AFP. ‘People are writing and calling us non

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Librería Donceles is an itinerant, second-hand bookstore, created by Pablo Helguera in 2013 to serve the growing Hispanic and Latino communities and their limited access to Spanish-language books in the United States. Since it was first installed in New York City, Librería Donceles has traveled to Phoenix, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and now Seattle. Each time that it has been presented, it has been the sole Spanish-language used bookstore within that city. There are millions of Spanish speakers in the United States and yet there is a scarcity of books available in Spanish. The situation has been made more critical by transformations in the publishing industry, and with the rise of digital publications and online retailers. Comprising 20,000 volumes on topics ranging from anthropology, biography, and economics, to psychology, science, and theater, the books in Librería Donceles

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As migrant tragedies overflow in the news cycle, especially in Europe, a new movie opening in France puts a human — and artistic — face on the phenomenon up on the big screen. ‘Mediterranea’, a first feature by US-Italian director Jonas Carpignano who was part of the shooting crew on the well-received 2012 film ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, follows two Africans as they make an odyssey to Europe — and to disillusionment. It starts in Algeria and moves to Libya, a launching-off point for some of the many perilous cross-Mediterranean boat trips being made by hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees each year. It then goes on to show the dangers and hard slog as the two main characters make it to Italy. One of the characters is played by Koudous Seihon, and the story is inspired by his true-life story: born in Ghana he first went to Burkina Faso after the death of his father then

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When the young French photographer Jean-Vincent Simonet (Lyon, 1991) came across the book Les Chants de Maldoror (The Songs of Maldoror), he felt hugely attracted to the dark, theatrical and transgressive character. The cutting-edge book praising youth revolt, blasphemy and the victory of dream over reality was published in 1869 by Comte de Lautréamont. Jean-Vincent Simonet decided to revive the literary enigma by transforming the classic novel into a contemporary book and exhibition Maldoror. Simonet’s photos don’t literally follow the text of The Songs of Maldoror but are related to the universe of Lautremont: romanticism, chaos, bestiality, science, intimacy and literacy. The photographs of Simonet are based on the atmosphere it evokes. The eclectic style of the book inspired Simonet to use a diversity of photographic techniques and layouts. Simonet used

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Foam presents the first major solo exhibition of visual artist Anne de Vries (born 1977, The Hague) in which existing and new work are combined. Anne de Vries grew up in a time in which the internet, Photoshop, Tumblr and mobile upload feeds came to seem entirely natural. They embrace the fluid, dynamic world that exists in the computer and the new world facilitated by it, deploying photography as an important part of a far broader artistic practice, in which a diversity of materials, techniques and methods are brought together. His visual language is strongly influenced by corporate branding, commercial visual merchandising and stock photography. The starting point for Anne de Vries his work is the combination of abstract notions of ‘new materialism’ with the everyday, common objects and with new materials, technologies and printing techniques. His oeuvre ranges from

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The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is a partner of the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial, and in celebration of this city-wide cultural event, the MCA presents four exhibitions, four programs, and a pop-up shop of design objects. Each showcases architectural innovation within the contemporary art community. The MCA celebrates and cultivates the multidisciplinary ways in which artists work, and the exhibitions and programs that run concurrent to the biennial highlight the intersection of creativity and functionality that is integral to contemporary architecture and design. Pop Art is widely regarded as the most significant artistic movement since 1945. Reflecting on the cult of celebrity, commodity fetishism, and media reproduction that permeated everyday life in the post-war era, Pop Art continues

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Ruiz-Healy Art will participate in FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA International Photography Festival and will present The Wandering Flight a solo exhibition of new works by internationally renowned artist Cecilia Paredes. Born in Lima, Peru, Paredes currently works and lives between Philadelphia, PA and Lima, Peru. She studied fine Arts at the Catholic University of Lima, Cambridge Arts and Crafts School in England, and the Accademia del Nudo in Roma in Italy. The Wandering Flight tells the story of the desire to fly. The narrative begins with a place to arrive—a port—here the character can dwell in search of relevance. Camouflaged within the surroundings, the character inhabits a perfect symbiotic realm. The exhibition’s flight narrative continues with four large format tapestries made out of feathers. The artist dyed common feathers to set them ablaze with colors in these arrangements. As Simon Flores states, &#1

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