On Saturday 13 June, the 2015 Portrait of Honour will be unveiled at Gripsholm Castle. The subject this year is Hédi Fried, the writer and psychologist, as portrayed by the photographer Sanna Sjöswärd. It is a subtle, insightful portrait of one of the last living Holocaust survivors. Hédi Fried was born on 15 June 1924 in Sighet, northern Transylvania, which was part of Hungary at the time but is now in Romania. She trained as a teacher and as a psychologist, and obtained a degree in philosophy in 1980, but is known to the public mainly as a writer. In several of her books, including Fragments of a Life (1992) and Back to Life (1995), she describes the horrors of the Holocaust, her life after these traumatic experiences, her childhood, and her thoughts on the future. Having survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, Fried arrived in Sweden in July 1945. In recognition of her distinguished

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