The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College’s art museum, recently made a major acquisition: The Finding of Moses, a Florentine Baroque oil painting by Jacopo Vignali. “This work of art stands as a perfect example of the gravitas and decorum of the finest art in Florence,” said James Mundy, the Anne Hendricks Bass Director of the Art Center. He also noted some key aspects of the painting. “The grace of the presentation, the fluid concatenation of gestures, the bravura painting performances in the rich, pearl-encrusted gown of Pharaoh’s daughter and the submerged legs of the attendant, all speak to the mastery of the artist at the peak of his powers,” Mundy explained. Vignali (1592-1664) was among a group of key artists, including Jacopo da Empoli, Giovanni Bilverti, Agostino Ciampelli, Cigoli, Lorenzo Lippi, Gregorio Pagani, and Il Passignano, who provided church and palace

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