A new display about the history of Liverpool’s links with the historic shipping line, Cunard, opened at Merseyside Maritime Museum on Friday 3 July, ahead of the Transatlantic 175 weekend on 4 and 5 July. Cunard 175 celebrates the people, ships, and events that have linked Cunard and Liverpool together for 175 years since the Cunard Line was created. The story of some of the most stylish ships in the world is told through the lives of the people who sailed on them and the company that built them, using objects from National Museum Liverpool’s Maritime History collections and Archives. The display features a selection of Cunard ship models including the Aquitania, Mauretania II and Britannia, along with objects from life on board such as games and decorative objects. A key highlight of the display is the actual brass letters featured on the stern of Mauretania, which were donated

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