Appraisal Associates provides our clients with a range of services related to the valuation and cataloguing of collectable fine art, antiques and decorative art.

Appraisal reports

Appraisal Associates provides reports for a variety of purposes, but always suited to the intended use of the appraisal. All of our reports comply with recognized professional standards. Our appraisal documents are expressed in clear, concise language, absent of jargon. Clients tell us that our reports are easy to read, thorough, and often exceed their expectations.

Cataloguing and documentation of collections

We offer complete documentation services for collections of art, antiques, decorative art, and collectibles. Appraisal Associates will photograph, research, and catalogue collections. We provide qualitative assessments as well as detailed condition reports, allowing you to keep track of new acquisitions, manage your collection, or take any recommended conservation steps.

Purchase and sale advice

Appraisal Associates provides fully researched advice for clients wishing to purchase items for their collections. We follow regional, national, and international auctions and have regular contact with a large network of dealers. We also provide advice to clients interested in selling individual items or entire collections. Through our knowledge of the marketplace we can assist in placing properties in the most appropriate venues to maximize return.

Expert witness services and litigation support

Appraisal Associates provides expert reports for use in litigation contexts. These include fine and decorative art valuations, appraisal reviews and rebuttals. Our accredited appraisers have court experience, have qualified as expert witnesses and fully understand an expert’s duty to provide fair, objective and non-partisan opinion evidence.