Whether you are a seasoned collector or a neophyte, Appraisal Associates can address your art, antiques and decorative art valuation requirements. We offer a full spectrum of appraisal reports for both private individuals and estates.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage appraisal reports are your evidence of value in the event of a loss and claim. These generally focus on estimating replacement value, which is your cost to replace a stolen, damaged or destroyed item with one of “like kind and quality.”

Insurance loss or damage and claim

Appraisal Associates works with many insurance adjusters who process complex and unusual claims involving art, antiques, and decorative art. As a result, we understand the type of information insurance companies want in a claim-related appraisal report. Appraisal Associates can bring this knowledge and experience to a claim when your insurance company asks for proof of value.

Charitable donations

Canadians donating art, antiques, or other collectibles worth more than $1,000 to registered charities and institutions with charitable status require written appraisal reports to establish the fair market value of the gifts. Increased accountability requirements have prompted many Canadian charities and institutions to ask that appraisals comply with “industry standards.” All Appraisal Associates’ reports comply with professional appraisal standards.

Certified Cultural Property donations

Appraisal Associates works with a large number of major cultural institutions across Canada to provide Certified Cultural Property appraisal reports and has great familiarity with the process and the requirements. Our appraisal reports meet or exceed the guidelines established by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB). We value a wide variety of cultural property ranging from ethnographic artifacts to contemporary artworks.

Although institutions rather than donors tend to deal with appraisers during the donation process, we encourage you to ask for the services of Appraisal Associates.

Prospective sale or purchase

Appraisal Associates provides clients with appraisal reports to estimate the current value in the marketplace of art or artifacts. Additionally, we can advise clients of the most appropriate sale venues to maximize return. Our advice is arm’s length and independent. We are not affiliated with any auction house or dealer.

Estate requirements

The division of estate personal property such as art and antiques sometimes requires the services of a qualified appraiser to generate a document for probate and tax purposes. Our independence, knowledge of various property types and appraisal skills yield reports that comply with recognized professional standards.

Please see our Museums List page for a selection of public institutions that have used our appraisal services over the last 25 years.